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You will discover how to enhance your potential for success by learning about the skills that are most valued in the market. You will be encouraged to think about your profile and get hints about forming the perfect team. You will be empowered and encouraged to pursue your passion. 

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Creative leadership has its center

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Financial Times says the Center for Creative Leadership is one of the top 5 providers of executive education leadership courses. Many resources and trainings are available to help you address the most important questions and lessons regarding how to better lead your life, your team, your organization, positive change in the world.

It is better if you company can pay for it – usually the advice is always for all the members of the same team/organization to be trained by the same provider otherwise visions on skills such as leadership may differ and it becomes very difficult to make them cohabit – but it is certain that you will find a program that suits you.

A wide but sharp vision makes it a good opportunity

Team up!

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Building a team, develop it, make it work, expand it, nurture it, lead it, …  is a challenge.

It is therefore a good thing that Teamworks exists to help us keep our team engaged and aligned. It adapts to your schedule and needs to enable you to work more efficiently, to communicate more clearly, to address problems more quickly. No stress attached!

Expert consultants at your service to build the perfect tool for you and your mates.

So team up:

Do you accept the challenge to lead?

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Professionals, students, educators can all unleash their leadership potential through the challenge developed for them by Jim Kouzes and Barry Posner. Should you want to develop your leading skills or the potential of others, the Leadership Challenges provides you with a solution.

First, you can take your Leadership Practice Inventory, a 360° assessment, and start your journey. Authors made it available in 6 languages, including Mongolian! Then, you will learn about the 5 practices of exemplary leadership. You will be able to self-pace your learning experience and find e-learning resources as well as offline ones to match you needs.

A specific program and learning community is available to students, and we understand from the repeated messages from schools, employers and peers how leadership is one of the fundamental skills of the future.

So let’s get to it and here is an example of tool to start being the leader you can be:

Interviewed by a computer

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We know that nowadays it is more and more frequent to have a computer scan your curriculum before any human eye. Feels a bit scary to be judged upfront by a machine isn’t it?

What if this time the computer could help us get a job?

Check out interview simulator websites and improve your skills!

An example here used by students in Phnom Penh:

Playmeo, game around to know you and others!

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Playmeo is the world’s largest online database of group games & activities specifically designed to equip teachers, corporate trainers, camp leaders, youth workers, outdoor educators and many others with outrageously fun and interactive group activities.

The website provides hundreds of activities such as ice-breakers, energizers, problem-solving and teamwork exercises. You can even enjoy some video tutorial and help in adapting the game to your specific context.

What is keeping you from getting to know yourself and others better, all through playing?!


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