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Find you Digital Voice – meet Kevin

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Have you met Kevin?

Well you should. He made me realize how we all have a digital voice that needs to be taken care off. Should it be to get a new job, to share a message or to launch your company, there is always a point in your life when you are going to need an online you. Yes we almost all have a Facebook or LinkedIn page but is it enough still to really share who you are? Not really. And that’s why Kevin works on helping people find and unleash their digital voice.

Check out his profile.

And an interesting blog on the topic:

Find you Muse – get the career guidance you need

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You don’t know what to do? You want to change jobs? You want to be promoted? We always have many questions about our careers and we never know where to find the right answers. We look and we look again, we ask friends and try to gather the best information but it takes time and isn’t very efficient.

The Muse is the answer to all these questions. It helps you define your goals, it enables you to find out about current job opportunities and it provides you with the tools to seize them. A perfect and efficient combination.

Don’t get stuck with a job you don’t love!

Chade-Meng Tan, Google’s Jolly Good Fellow

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Mr. Chade-Meng Tan is someone I’d love to work with. When I came across his TED talk “Everyday compassion at Google” and then read his bio, I instantly wanted to introduce him to the whole world. Because people like Mr. Tan should be widely known as they see the key problems and provide you not with solutions but with the right tools to find your owns, and that is impressive!

His current job’s description at Google is “enlighten minds, open hearts, create world peace”. I hope to be proud with such achievement one day. One of his projects at Google is the “Search Inside Yourself” course. He also created the Search Inside Yourself Leadership Institute. He aims at people being able to become drinking  fountains for happiness and enlightenment.

Next step: send him a letter – I shall keep you posted!

Your 20s are for learning – Make them last!

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By Lara Dudley, a passionate consultant, an amazing mentor and friend – Singapore

Your 20s are for learning

Take that burning desire to DO SOMETHING on a journey of curiosity & discovery.

I was 21 years old and had just declined a Corporate Finance job in London to jump on a plane to China. My mission … errr … to be honest – I wasn’t too sure! I just knew that I didn’t want to be in an office for 80+ hours a week.

The optimism of escape turned into self-doubt a couple of months in. I couldn’t

concentrate during my Chinese classes (note to self – rote learning doesn’t work!) and

my insecurities mounted as Facebook stalking led me to believe that all my friends were

Living It Large in London having just banked their Goldman Sachs bonuses.

“Ahhh – What am I doing with my life?“

I could feel this burning desire to DO SOMETHING, yet was hugely frustrated with my

lack of direction. I simply didn’t know where to start. My head was saying “Economics

Degree + Dwindling Savings = Get A Job In Finance”, yet, my gut was saying that there

had to be something else. I turned to a friend, who ended up saying …

“You know Lara …. There are some people in life that know exactly what they want and

just go straight for it. They’re totally driven towards that goal. And you know what? …

You ain’t one of them Lara!”

Great! That was reassuring! My friend went on to say that my lack of direction was

a-ok! It was normal and there was nothing wrong with it. He recalled a saying I’ve

adopted ever since …

Your 20s are for learning and your 30s are for earning.

My mindset suddenly shifted. Instead of going into analysis paralysis over how I was

going to earn my way through life, I started to look at life as an opportunity to learn.

This is especially true in our 20s, when the majority of us have no kids, no mortgage …

and no mega responsibilities other than to pay our basic bills.

So that was all 10 years ago. Now that my 30s are on my doorstep, here’s a summary of

the top 4 things I’ve learnt so far:

Learning #1 – Everything is figureoutable

Even rocket science. No matter what we want to create or make happen, we can figure it

out. Consulting The Google is an easy first step and thanks to LinkedIn you can always

get connected to the right people.

Learning #2 – Celebrate the (F)learnings!

A flearn is what you learn through a failure. A brilliant word that’s celebrated all the

time in the Start Up world and deserves to be embraced in all schools & companies too.

If you’ve ever done a complete belly flop, don’t shy away. Instead, reflect on your form,

see where you slipped up and go back onto that diving board to give it another go.

Learning #3 – Gather a Tribal Council

It’s pointless thinking in a vacuum. You’ll go into analysis paralysis. Save yourself time

and energy by assembling a core group of trusted friends, family and mentors to act as

a sounding board to your ideas. They’ll soon become your chief cheerleaders as you

embark on something new and face those inevitable flearnings.

Learning #4 – People pay you for your talent passion

PowerPoint finesse and excel financial plotting aren’t anything special. There are many

super talented people out there and you’re kidding yourself if you think you have a

unique skillset to bring to the table. My Dad recently reminded me of this and told

me that people don’t pay me for my talents; they pay me for my passion. If you’re not

passionate about something, either drop it or change your mindset.

So as I enter “my 30s are for earning” stage of life, I’ll be adopting this last Learning

- People pay me for my passion – as my new mantra.

So how can you start flearning today? Well, here are a couple of questions that might help you get started on your

journey …

● What events/projects/encounters have you had that got you super energized and


● What are some of the things you really want to learn in 2014?

● Who’s a person you could talk to figure out the next steps in your (f)learning


Lara Dudley works with mission-driven businesses to turn their biggest challenges

into their biggest opportunities. She’s a pragmatic optimist, partnering with you to

turn new business strategies into something real.



Learn to change, change to learn

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That is what the Change School is offering you. Through different programs tailored to your needs they help you envision life and your attitude to it in a different manner. Focus is on you, the others, the world. You change scenery and finally take some time away, for yourself.

A school for thoughts and actions, to explore you entrepreneurship grit, to enhance your leadership potential, to develop your skills in wellness, culture and creativity, social innovation and other soft abilities.

An adventure for your body and mind, and in the end: a more balanced and empowered you.

Fly away and maybe start with the Change Ventures program :


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