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You will get in the know of the new trends shaping our world. You will be able to plan your projects, investments and life-long learning path ahead making sure they match the opportunities of tomorrow. 

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All it takes is a first step !

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Dear Mirror Networkers,

Welcome on board of this Summer World Tour 2014 to explore the backstage of the Knowledge Economy.

6 months ago my world turned upside down, 4 months ago I realized it was the time to pursue my passion for education in a startup mode, 2 months ago I decided to do a live-benchmark and see for myself what the business of learning is becoming.

Today, I am sitting in a small room with air-con (key !) in a Cambodian school/orphanage and able to tell you that the Mirror Network trip has really started.

So, first things first : Thank you ! None of this could happen without all of you. Thanks for welcoming me, for answering me, for taking the time to chat until late at night, for enabling me to create my very first website, for believing in my ideas, for joining me on this adventure.

Mirror Network will help me highlight innovative educational tools and programs,  it will enable us to gather in a passionate and active community (already creating links between Argentina, Singapore and Europe !) and it will allow us to understand better where the Knowledge economy is heading. I will give you information on : learning ecosystems, pedagogical models, key actors of the sector, crazy ideas, opportunities to contribute and take part in this vibrant world.

Mirror Network is an open blog so please send me the pieces you would like to share with other project managers, teachers, philanthropists, investors, executives, public servants, etc. Let’s see clearer, think smarter, impact better – together !

On my end, I’ll work on developing my ideas on certain topics, namely :

-       self-learning : learning to learn, learning to teach, building one’s path

-       career counseling : facilitate learning-working circles, raise awareness about opportunities of the 21st century, transforming misfits into opportunities

-       knowledge ID : incubate and accelerate people, empowered to take the first step

I hope you enjoy the ride :

- On the web :

- On facebook : Mirror Network group

- Email :

Happy summer to us !


Welcome to the Mirror Network !

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The Mirror Network Blog is officially opened and ready to welcome all our marvelous ideas, crazy dreams, shocking observations, careful analysis. These pages are your pages so do not hesitate to send us your contribution!

Let’s expand our learning perspectives, enable each other to grow – up and down -, and build the first peer to peer orientation network.

There is no right place for you, for us. There is only the one we will make, for ourselves, with others.

The world is ours to shape!


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