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Emojimo, imagine if applied to learning

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This is the first post under the category “Imagine if applied to learning”. The objective of these posts will be to present you with models that could be used with a teaching/learning purpose. Maybe some of you will want to take the next step… So here comes the inspiration!

Language barriers are a big problem when it comes to teaching and learning because some interesting material is only available in a certain language and translation costs are very high. In Cambodia for example, teachers have to translate some passages of interesting pedagogical material in English to Khmer. The problem is: certain words don’t exactly translate and the Khmer language, as we previously mentioned, is very figurative and doesn’t really allow conceptual thinking.

Well imagine if we could speak with images. Certain images are indeed recognizable by anyone on the planet and could very well substitute words. So here is an app doing exactly that:

Maybe we could now use it for teaching material?!

Esalen, a unique center ahead of all thoughts

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Esalen is a preeminent alternative education center charged with helping to transform and evolve world culture through its public workshops and its Center for Theory & Research (CTR) projects. 

For over 50 years, Esalen has initiated new areas of research, theory, practice, and action, all of which have fostered social change and the realization of the human potential. For example, they are now working on: political polarization, citizen diplomacy with China and Russia, somatics and ecoactivism, meditation, etc. 

Esalen organizes many invitational conferences and helps forming and enriching international networks. For example, they just hold the “Conscious Business Conclave” and the event brought together progressive business leaders with systems thinkers and spiritual teachers to share their personal values and discuss the emergence of new business models that honor employees and the environment.  Current or former CEOs and senior executives from companies picked by Fortune magazine as the best 100 to work for were invited to share what they know with the others.

They are also now working on complexity economics. They organize a conference where the old approach looked at the economy through the physicist’s metaphor of a closed system that always finds an even equilibrium between supply and demand, the new, more biological/evolutionary approach sees an open and dynamic system that is often far from equilibrium.  By building a fellowship among the leaders in this nascent and very important field, Esalen can do for economics what the famous Solvay conferences did for modern physics: create a new and better paradigm for discovery, understanding, and a more reliable creation of sustainable wealth.

A unique institution, at the center of today’s and tomorrow’s key debates linking all the decision makers in an opened and proactive discussion. A place we should all know about.

CodeforAmerica, when the government accelerates tech startups

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Some very talented startups are busy resolving national problems and therefore are helping the government better serve its citizens. It was only normal that it supported their effort by creating a great accelerator: Code for America.

Not only startups participate in the projects but all kind of volunteers who share their coding talents for the public good. A market of ideas for the public good. Inspired and inspiring so if you have developing skills that might be the right place for you to let them shine and impact millions.

MindShift – the blog about how we will learn

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A blog I love about education that tells you all about the upcoming Ednuggets.

Launched in 2010 by KQED and NPR, MindShift explores the future of learning in all its dimensions, covering cultural and technology trends, innovations in education, groundbreaking research, education policy, and more. The editor is Tina Barseghian.

A surge for EdTech – a community you must be part of

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You are interested or involved in EdTech this is a MUST.

Must read, must have newsletter, must contribute to, must be on the very well done website/blog, must use.

It is the place where edtech entrepreneurs, technicians and teachers get to connect. The platform gives you the latest news about the industry as well as facilitates all debates about what technology can or can not do for education. All the vital information about the ecosystem is there: jobs, trends, products, habits, and events.

This is more than a platform it is a vibrant community, be a part of it!

Also, if you are in SF (or any other city that has it) do not miss the EdTech Meetups by EdSurge!


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