The Future of the Mind – best-seller by Dr. Michio Kaku

This well known physicist and futurist shares with us in his latest book all the new frontiers of neuro-sciences. Artificial intelligence, alien consciousness, brain nets, mental illness, immortality, etc. Get the grand tour and discover this approachable scientific description of what the future holds for our brains.

Only, as Adam Frank (astrophysics professor at the University of Rochester) wrote in the NYTimes about the book: “On the ethical front, Kaku does an admirable job of at least raising the troubling issues inherent in the technologies he describes, but there’s one critical question he misses entirely. The deployment of new technologies tends to create their own realities and values. If we treat minds like meat-computers, we may end up in a world where that’s the only aspect of their nature we perceive or value.”