NuVu – PhD projects for middle and high school students

So, at NuVu middle and high school students achieve PhD level design projects.

How? They can either enroll in the year long program by themselves and come from 9am to 3pm every week day to work in the studio with their peers, a coach and an assistant coach, to work on  “Balloon Mapping”, “Music and the City”, or “Future of Global Warming”. Or their can also participate through their school if this one choses to partner with NuVu on a term or year long basis.

What? This innovative pedagogical model enables students to develop both their analytical and creative skills. They build their own online portfolio and develop all the skills they’ll need for the 21st century. They have access to MIT and Harvard resources as well as to experts in the different fields they work on. Their work is reviewed every three weeks and they receive valuable and concrete feedback from highly experienced practitioners.

NuVu incarnates the new, let’s hope it becomes the norm!