Bridging Purpose and Belonging

Join the Mirror Network, a global community of game-changers in education
gaining perspective, connecting and scaling up their impact

Connecting Autodidacts of Change

Mirror Network is both a digital community of knowledge and a humane community of action aiming at scaling up the visions and the impact of its members to build the future of education.

Through this blog, you can gain a systemic vision of the educational sector worldwide, identify key trends and share best practices to better invest your time, energy and money. On the ground, Mirror Networks facilitates travels, introductions and cooperations as it connects you to the most active agents of change complementing your skills and input. Mirror Network will give you focus and leverage while providing you with the opportunity to be part of an exciting community. Peer to peer learning is at the heart of this dynamic group of connected autodidacts.

Become a Mirror Networker

Members are teachers, practitioners working in schools, NGOs or companies, entrepreneurs, investors, parents, volunteers, students, all sharing a common passion for change through education. Mirror Network allows a more effective and coherent combination of their talents and contributions as real impact today can only be achieved through dynamic synergies between people and organizations.

> Investors, entrepreneurs and organizations can use Mirror Network to assess competition, identify potential partners,  contribute to their R&D efforts, and  improve their due diligence processes
> Educators, parents and students can use Mirror Network to identify new learning options, tools and opportunities and to make sure the education they provide or consume is coherent with their needs in our contemporary globalized world

To better face the challenges of our time 


How do we find
our way in life?

education systems

How do we get job-ready?

Competitive environments

How do we stay in the game?


A journey and a community were started

Mirror Network began with

An OBSERVATION: our world is changing fast and the gap between the new frontiers of knowledge and people is getting wider as all educational systems do not provide the necessary skills to work and lead a successful life in the 21st century

A QUESTION: what is being done to change this fact and how can it be enhanced?
A MISSION: tour the world to find out about all the trends and people shaping the future of the knowledge economy and the education business

To form a vision and seize opportunities




Get in the know of big trends and new frontiers orienting our world and influencing the education of tomorrow

Prepare yourself!



Enhance your individual potential and improve your 21st century skills to better manage your life and projects

 Show your unique potential!



Discover other key players and find out about all innovative educational models and tools

Increase your options!


Mirror Network will enable you to


Be life ready

by mastering the skills of the 21st century

Save money

by being able to anticipate and seize opportunities

Save time

by getting both perspective and key insight

Connect wisely

by getting access to the right peers outside your comfort network

Make informed choices

by accessing information on all new trends shaping our world

Be unique

by being encouraged to follow your dreams and express your passion

Find your space, shape your history 


Mirror Network is an open community

You can subscribe to the newsletter and share your news about trends, models, tools, articles, your own project, to help the community anticipate trends, track changes and deliver higher impact 

Get in touch if you wish to benefit from real life introductions, propose a project for collaboration, access or create a more focused conversation and benefit from other opportunities publicized by Mirror Network and partners